Fire and Water Restoration Harrisburg, PA Area

fire damage water damage harrisburg pa
Fire damage, water damage restoration Harrisburg, PA

Quality Cleaners is a full service dry cleaning plant established in 1958.  We are a third generation, family owned business operating from this location since our inception. 

Quality Cleaners now works on Textile Restoration as a result of our success dry cleaning items affected by disasters.  This success is especially relevant when cleaning clothes affected by fire restoration, smoke damage, mold, and water damage in the Harrisburg, PA area.

Quality Cleaners has invested in an on-site, dedicated ozone and inventory room. Most noteworthy, we have assembled the education in the fire damage and water damage field that is needed to utilize the latest advances in our industry.  A homeowners’ contents are restored back to their original condition due to this commitment.

The result of our smoke damage and fire and water damage restoration efforts have been remarkable. 

What Makes Quality Cleaners Different
in the Smoke Damage, Fire Damage and Water Damage Restoration Industry?

  • Quality Cleaners has 4 owners that lead our Fire restoration and Water Damage Team.  This allows us to have an unprecedented amount of quality control in our everyday operation.  The homeowner is always extended this high level of care in a time of crisis. Even if it seems the clothes are ruined by fire and smoke damage or water damage.  One of the owners are on site every job and oversee the restoration process through personally.

  • Quality Cleaners is on of the largest single plant operations in the region.  A homeowners’ fire and water damage soft goods generally do not leave our dry cleaning plant for processing.  Items are ozoned, deodorized, cleaned, and pressed here in our dry cleaning plant. Quality Cleaners has leading the Harrisburg Area in the same Quality and customer service for over 50 years.
  • Quality Cleaners uses the very latest technology available in the Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, and Water Damage Restoration Industry.  We recently invested in new, ‘Green’ dry cleaning machines.  This technology was, in fact, only the 83rd installation in the United States.  This new solvent is organic, biodegradable, and safe for the air, land, and water.  This solvent knocks the smoke and mold smells right out of garments.  K4 was manufactured with best in the industry knowledge and technology.  This education is especially relevant in dry cleaning your clothes right.

  • We practice Customer Service every day, and have been for over 53 years.  This means that each and every Quality Cleaners Restoration Team member represents our Family.  You will feel as though you are part of our extended family.  We are in your corner whether its due to water damage, fire damage, or smoke damage.
When a homeowner calls following fire damage, smoke damage, or water damage, our Smoke, Fire and Water Restoration Team goes into action.  Our goal most of all is to help your family feel comfortable that their garments, bedding, draperies, keepsakes, shoes, etc. are in good and trustworthy hands.

A homeowner can rest assured that our Water Damage and Fire Damage Restoration Team will handle their contents with the same award winning care during the restoration process as if they were that of our other valued customers.

The best quality cleaning and pressing professionals in the Harrisburg, PA area are doing the work on the premises.

Maintaining relationships has been the staple of our 52 years of award winning operation and consequently has translated into success.

Our Cleaning Areas of Expertise:

  • Water Damage and Water Restoration
  • Post Water Extraction Soft Goods Removal and Restoration
  • Fire Damage and Fire Restoration
  • Smoke Damage and Smoke Restoration
  • Mold Damage and Mold Restoration
  • Odor Removal in Clothing, Bedding, Draperies, Shoes, and more
  • General Dry Cleaning needs
  • Rug Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Visit: for more information on our Harrisburg Area Textile Restoration Services for dry cleaning following water damage, fire damage, or mold/mildew damage,

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