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Drapery Cleaning Harrisburg

Quality Cleaners offers Drapery Cleaning Harrisburg, PA Area.  The cleaning and maintenance of your drapery, curtains and other window dressings require a professional.  The professional you choose must have the education on the fabrics used, as well as the best cleaning care for the textile involved. The financial and ascetic investment you have in your draperies is significant.  Protect that investment with a professional like Quality Cleaners.  


Quality Cleaners: Award Winning Dry Cleaner Harrisburg, PA

Quality Cleaners is the premier Dry Cleaners in the Harrisburg Area.  We also happen to have the most professional and knowledgeable Drapery Cleaning team in the Harrisburg Area.  We clean most draperies, curtains, valances and sheers. Our goal is to provide the safest solution to cleaning your fabric needs.

Unlike most other local drycleaners, Quality Cleaners is truly GREEN.   SolvonK4 is the solvent we use.  K4 is organic, biodegradable, and in addition safe for skin, air, and water. Here is a link to a Pennlive.com article on 10/10/2011 featuring Quality Cleaners and our move to our GREEN solvent.  We were the first dry cleaners in Central PA to make this switch.


Why do I have a water stain on my drapery?

Water stains often seems like the outline of a brown mountain range on the bottom of your drapery.  This brown staining is due to the fabric getting wet.  The moisture pulls the the sizing or starch that was originally sprayed on the fabric to concentrate into a mass. This concentrated mass oxidizes over time and turns brown. Older stains tend to be darker than more recent stains. Older water stains can lighten with professional cleaning, but unfortunately some evidence of the moisture probably will remain.

Curtain Cleaning Harrisburg

Curtains are usually made of lighter weight, unlined fabrics.  Curtains are typically used for a more casual look than a traditional drapery.  Drapery Cleaning HarrisburgSheer curtains are popular standalone window treatments as well as an under treatment behind more formal drapery.  Professional curtain cleaning is extremely similar to professional drapery cleaning.  Sheers tend to become dingy over time.  Dust and soot obscure the fabric so less light can pass through it.  This change is harder to notice, as they are often used as an under treatment.

How often do we suggest curtain cleaning or drapery cleaning?

While the drapery cleaning industry suggests routine curtain cleaning or drapery cleaning every 2-3 years, you can’t go wrong cleaning more often.


Reasons for drapery cleaning:

Draperies, curtains, and other window treatments can appear clean to the naked eye.  However, they are often dirtier than you realize. Here are some good reasons to probably consider drapery cleaning for your home:

  • Allergen reduction – Drapes and other window treatments trap allergens, pollen, mold, insects and other pollutants.  These pollutants can negatively affect the air quality in your home.
  • Dust Removal – Dirt and dust accumulate in your window treatments.  Whenever you open or close your window treatments, these particulates therefore get recycled back into the air.
  • Maintain appearance – Drapes, curtains, and valances are all part of the style and decor of your room.  Keeping the pattern, texture, and color of your window treatments looking their best compliment your design vision.
  • Longevity – Regular professional drapery cleaning will ultimately improve the longevity of your curtain and drapery fabrics.
  • Prevent discoloration – Your skin deposits natural oils onto your window treatments when you open and close them.  As a result, this oil can attract more dust and other particulates that can lead to discoloration without regular cleaning.


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