Fact and Fiction #3

“That wasn’t there when I brought it in.”

Fact: Occasionally, chemical damage occurs as the result of use and wear, but remains invisible and unknown until the garment is cleaned. In cases like these, the flexing of the fabric during cleaning causes previously damaged fibers to fall out, leaving holes or a loss or change of color. The usual culprits are perspiration, alcohol, bleach, various acid and alkaline-based products, salt, and hair preparations.

One of the dry cleaner’s biggest challenges is the “invisible stain”.  These stains surface after dry cleaning and become very visible after processing. Typically the heat associated with the dry cleaning cycle and/or pressing make the stain visible. Unfortunately, depending on the material and stain origin, some can be removed by a technician, some may never come out. To ensure a pro-active stain removal treatment specific to the origin, please point out stains when you drop your clothes off so that we may pre-treat the area before dry cleaning.


For more information on our dry cleaning process, click here.

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