Rug Cleaning


Quality Cleaners offers professional area rug cleaning. We will clean your Area Rug or your Oriental Rug for you, returning it clean and deodorized. The difference you will see in a clean rug is amazing.

Most Oriental or area rug cleaners just surface clean your rug. Our technicians first vacuum the rug vertically and horizontally. Twice. They then ‘badger’ the rug, getting all the dirt and other small particulates out of the rug. Finally, the rug is submerged, resulting in a thorough cleaning.

If you have pet odors in your rug, our rug cleaning is guaranteed to remove that odor.Area Rug Oriental Rug Cleaning

We will also check your padding beneath your rug for wear and tear. Rug padding will decrease wear and tear on your rug, as well as lengthen the life of your rug, leading to less rug cleaning in the future. Rug pads actually have many other benefits as well. Along with a longer Area or Oriental rug life, rug padding also prolongs the life of your floor. The rug backing and the dust work like sandpaper to scratch your floor over time. In addition, rug pads make for a healthier home. They create airflow underneath the rug which allows for better suction when vacuuming. This airflow prevents odor causing bacteria like mold and mildew under your rug.

Should I have a rug pad beneath my area rug? 

Yes.  Here’s why:

  • Area Rug pads extend the life of your rug.
  • Rug padding also improves the longevity and quality of your floor. 
  • Did you know that without a pad, the rug backing and dust and/or dirt can work like sandpaper to damage your floor over time.
  • Rug Pads makes for a healthier home as well. They create air flow under your rug which allows for better suction when vacuuming.
  • This air flow also prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from under your rug that can cause odors and health concerns.

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Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

shoefinal1 shoefinal4new

As the Harrisburg Area’s Award Winning home for Shoe Repair, Quality Cleaners understands the importance that shoe appearance plays in the overall image you seek. Shoes are a reflection of their owner’s personality. Well kept shoes stand for professionalism, attention to detail, ambition, efficiency, conscientiousness, organization, confidence and even friendliness.

Footwear isn’t just part of your wardrobe, it is an investment. Spend your money wisely and the return will be more value for your dollar, more comfort and better foot health.

Did you know:

  • For centuries, heels signified a high social standing rather than gender. It was also important for men riding horses to have a heel on their riding boots in order to stay in their stirrups.
  • According to this study, the average American woman has at least 19 pairs of shoes in their closet. How many do you own?
  • The first pair of right- and left-footed shoes was made in Philadelphia.

  • According to this article, researchers at the University of Kansas found that people were able to correctly judge a stranger’s age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotional and other important personality traits just by looking at the person’s shoes.

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When Stains Are Actually Discolorations

Many times customers bring clothes to Quality Cleaners with stains on them that are actually discolorations.  What is a discoloration?  Merriam-Webster defines discoloration as “the act of changing color in a bad way”.  In the case of dry cleaning, ‘a bad way’ means ‘a way that doesn’t come out’.


There are actually different types of discolorations when it comes to fabric- and dry cleaning in particular.  The first is basic color loss. Color loss is most often related to some type of strong chemical contact with products such as chlorine bleach, benzoyl peroxide (commonly used in skin care products), and many household cleaners.  Any chemical with high acidity (antiperspirants, soda, juice, hair spray) or alkalinity (toothpaste, perspiration) is likely to cause color loss.  Unfortunately, the damage is almost always irreversible.


An area in which we see a lot of color loss is drapery cleaning.  Since curtains and draperies are placed in and around windows, it’s susceptible to damage by ultraviolet rays.   Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will often wreak havoc on curtain and drapery fabrics, resulting in fading, streaking, bleaching and ultimately- fiber deterioration.


The second most common we see is Dye Transfer.  Dye Transfer generally occurs when unstable dyes are used in manufacturing the item. The chance of transfer can be accelerated by increased heat or prolonged moisture.  Dye Crocking is a type of dye transfer, and is defined as the loss of dyestuffs or pigments in a fabric caused by abrasion or mechanical action.  We see crocking from materials rubbing together, often during the trip from the manufacturer to the distributors or in the packing materials in which they are shipped.  Research shows that many new garments are overdyed during manufacturing to produce very bright, vibrant colors. This results in almost immediate dye removal and/or transfer when laundered or dry cleaned.


Here are some of the usual suspects when it comes to discoloration:

Perspiration – Body oils, antiperspirants, or perspiration left long enough on silk and wool garments will weaken the fabric. Frequently cleaning clothes heavily soiled with perspiration can lessen the likelihood of a problem.

Acids – Perspiration, deodorant, antiperspirant, even “all natural organic” products, fruit juice, or hair preparations can cause a change or loss of color along with weakening the fabric.

Alcohol – Perfume, cologne, skin freshener, aftershave, hair spray, medicine, and adult beverages can cause permanent stains or color loss.

Bleach – Home bleach, hair care products, disinfectant, skin lotion, acne preparations, whitening toothpaste, medicine, cleaning products, office supplies, and other such items can cause a change or loss of color or fabric weakening depending on the dye and fabric.

Alkaline Substances – Cleaning products, toothpaste, soap, detergents, shampoo, and skin preparations can also cause problems that may not appear until the stained area has aged or the item is exposed to heat during a cleaning process.

Salt – Perspiration, beverages and food, medicine, even wintry street gutter splash or snow removal slush can result in a change in color on wool fabrics.

Hair Preparations – Permanent wave solution or other hair care products can result in a change in color. This type of staining is easily recognized by the location in the neckline, shoulder, or back of a garment.
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Do you clean stuffed animals?

We often get asked if we clean stuffed animals.  The answer is yes.  Our process in cleaning stuffed animals is much more elaborate that just throwing them in a machine, adding soap, and hitting start.MickeyB-A Quality Cleaners has a specific pre-spotting process, and specialized wet-cleaning process just for stuffed animals.  Whether your furry keepsakes have been affected by fire damage, water damage, or just smell funky, we can help you get them clean again.

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Fact and Fiction #3

“That wasn’t there when I brought it in.”

Fact: Occasionally, chemical damage occurs as the result of use and wear, but remains invisible and unknown until the garment is cleaned. In cases like these, the flexing of the fabric during cleaning causes previously damaged fibers to fall out, leaving holes or a loss or change of color. The usual culprits are perspiration, alcohol, bleach, various acid and alkaline-based products, salt, and hair preparations.

One of the dry cleaner’s biggest challenges is the “invisible stain”.  These stains surface after dry cleaning and become very visible after processing. Typically the heat associated with the dry cleaning cycle and/or pressing make the stain visible. Unfortunately, depending on the material and stain origin, some can be removed by a technician, some may never come out. To ensure a pro-active stain removal treatment specific to the origin, please point out stains when you drop your clothes off so that we may pre-treat the area before dry cleaning.


For more information on our dry cleaning process, click here.


Fact and Fiction #2

FICTION – Dry cleaners harm the environment by dry cleaning.

FACT – The dry cleaning industry is possibly the most heavily regulated small business in America. Air and water regulations are comprehensive and far reaching. Safe operating practices, handling, and disposal of any chemicals entail strict monitoring and enforcement measures.

FACT – At Quality Cleaners, we dry clean our garments in a GREEN solvent called SolvonK4. This organic and bio-degradable solution replaces the most commonly used solvent for dry cleaning, perchloroethylene (also known as PERC). Greater than 85 percent of the 35,000+ dry cleaners in the United States use PERC in their dry-cleaning process. The federal Environmental Protection Agency has classified tetrachloroethylene as likely to be carcinogenic to humans.. K4 is GREEN, organic, biodegradable, and safe for skin, air, and water.

SOLVONK4 has very different properties from conventional solvents in dry-cleaning. It is a halogen-free, organic solvent with a pureness of > 99 % and excellent cleaning performance. The innovative solvent is not only able to dissolve and absorb lipophilic (fats, greases and oil) but also hydrophilic soil (water soluble soil).

Here is a link to a article on 10/10/2011 featuring Quality Cleaners and our move to our GREEN solvent.

Here is a link to a article on 11/29/2011 featuring Quality Cleaners’ move to a organic, biodegradable cleaning solution.


Fact and Fiction

FICTION – All stains can be removed.

FACT – Unfortunately, no they can’t.

Whether it’s a new garment or a treasured, well-worn garment, everyone hates it when they spill something on their clothing. We understand, and will always use our best efforts to make that stain go away. Sometimes it’s pretty easy – sometimes not. Either way, we have the professional expertise to do the job right.

Successful stain removal depends largely on the nature of the stain, the type of fabric, and the colorfastness of the dye. Some fabrics and dyes simply will not withstand the use of cleaning or stain removal agents. Some stains, like ink and dried paint for example, can be impossible to remove.


What do you think are some of the harder stains to remove?


Sports Jersey Restoration Following a Fire

The Quality Cleaners Restoration Team  was asked by an Insurance Company to Restore 10 classic sports jerseys that were severely affected by soot and heat due to a fire.  Our fire restoration process removed the stains left by the soot, as well as any odors from the fire.



Here are some of the before and after images of our process.  Some of the jerseys include: Elgin Baylor, Marvin Harrison, Mike Lewis (ABA Pitt Condors), Joe Namath, Reggie White, and more.


Check out why Insurers in the Greater Harrisburg, PA area trust our fire restoration process.  For more videos, check out our youtube channel:


Porcelain Doll Restoration

Restoration of Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind following a fire
Restoration of Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind following a fire

Quality Cleaners was tasked with cleaning and restoring a set of collectible porcelain dolls from Gone With the Wind following a terrible fire.


Our restoration collectible specialist, Connie worked tirelessly on restoring the doll collection after a very significant fire. The care and attention to detail is amazing. Each doll was dismantled, documented and cleaned by hand to bring each back to its’ best possible condition.

After Quality Cleaners Restoration Process
After Quality Cleaners Restoration Process


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Quality Cleaners

Drycleaning Harrisburg, PA Area– Quality Cleaners services the Greater Harrisburg, PA Area.  We are the premier ‘dry cleaner near me’.  We also bring our amazing dry cleaning service to you with our time saving delivery service.  If you live in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Hershey, Hummelstown, or Harrisburg, PA, you are maybe in our delivery zone.  Please call for exactly where we deliver or other information.

Other services other than
Drycleaning Harrisburg

Quality Cleaners offers award winning services in Harrisburg, PA Area.  Do you have a torn jacket or have pants that you need taken in? Maybe you have a blazer fit to your physique?  We offer a best-in-class alterations department which will not disappoint.  Do not throw that garment out and buy a new one, because Quality Cleaners can fix it for you!

Do you have shoes which need a repair?  Our shoe repair services are second to none.  Email, Call, or visit our shoe repair page for more.

drycleaning harrisburg
Before and After Our Award Winning Shoe Repair

We can help you if you have water damage, fire damage, or need restoration work done to your textiles.  We have a team of trained, educated, and uniformed technicians to help you through this tough situation.  Please also visit our Restoration Website:

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We also have a page dedicated to our Award Winning shirt laundry and wetcleaning process- hence our shirt laundry and wetcleaning page.

Quality Cleaners also offers home and office delivery.  If you live in Lemoyne, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Dillsburg, Wormleysburg, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, or anywhere inbetween you may be within our delivery area.  Please visit our Quality Cleaners Express Delivery website for more information on this convenient and almost always time saving service.

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